43 Things You’re Missing At Burning Man Right Now

Besides the experience of living in 110-degree heat without air-conditioning.

1. A huge Converse shoe:

2. A “Talk to God” booth:

3. Pyramid yoga:

4. Magic goat man on a metal horse thing:

5. A guy not wearing pants:

6. Diplo and Skrillex:

7. A teeth DJ booth:

8. Flower pod things:

9. A 25-foot penis:

10. Wooden camels:

11. A rideable bike yak.

12. A Lego car:

13. A Pac-Man ghost:

14. An IRL shrug emoji.

15. This guy:

16. This:

17. A skull you can live in.

18. A stoned-looking turtle:

19. The “Center of Attention” chair:

20. A driveable giant chair:

21. Mass transportation:

22. Hugs for cucumbers:

23. A scorpion car:

24. An actual banana stand:

25. The “Embrace”:

26. “Interactive tonal balls that make sound when you touch them”:

27. An umbrella wheel:

28. This guy:

29. A unicorn riding a bike:

30. Hair dryers?

31. Sunset stilt walkers:

32. A neon stereo:

33. A desert astronaut who must be sweating to death:

34. A meditation center:

35. These people:

36. This crazy drum kit:

37. Biblical nuts:

38. People without shirts:

39. A hula-hoop disco:

40. “Insanity”:

41. A giant teapot:

42. A dreambox:

43. Port-a-potties:

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