The Pros & Cons Of Being Named Jessica

Or as you were known from kindergarten through 12th grade, Jessica [LAST INITIAL].

1. CON: Having to go by your last initial because there are sooo many Jessicas.

2. PRO: You can ALWAYS find your name on souvenir keychains.

3. CON: So many Jessicas means you might have to take on a nickname you don’t want.

4. PRO: Our name is immortalized in Shakespeare.

As Shylock’s daughter in The Merchant of Venice.

5. CON: People asking if you spell it “Jessika.”

Which is also a great name, but most of us spell it with a “C.”

6. But… PRO: At least people can PRONOUNCE it.

7. CON: Our only song is The Allman Brothers’ “Jessica,” which is in every car commercial.

8. PRO: We have literally the most popular girls’ name of the 1980s AND 1990s, which is cool.

9. CON: Jessica Rabbit jokes.

10. PRO: There are a lot of hot Jessicas!

14. Yeah, it’s pretty great being named Jessica after all.

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