The One Halloween Costume No One Should Wear

Just don’t do it!

1. Don’t be a “Tomahawk Hottie.”

2. Don’t be “Native Desires.”

3. Dont be “Teepee Nites.”

4. Don’t be “Pow! Wow!”

5. Don’t be a “Wolf Hunter.”

6. Don’t be “Reservation Royalty.”

7. Don’t be “Cherokee Hottie.”

8. Don’t be a “Rain Dancing Diva.”

9. Don’t be a “Tribal Tease.”

10. Don’t be Princess Grey Wolf.

11. Don’t be “Chief Hottie Body.”

12. Don’t be a “Tribal Treat.”

13. Don’t be “Warrior Babe.”

14. Don’t be “sexy Pocahontas.”

15. And don’t be “Poke-her-hotness,” either.

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