The Beginning Of Your College Semester Vs. The End

Here we go again. OH GOD.

1. Beginning of the semester: THIS is the year I’ll actually do all my reading on time!

ID: 1519404

2. By the end of the semester:

ID: 1519657

3. Beginning: I have so much money saved up from summer that will last me for months!

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4. By the end:

ID: 1523783

5. Beginning: I’m going to befriend everyone in my new classes!

ID: 1519964

6. End:

ID: 1519869

7. Beginning of the semester: I’m finally going to join an extracurricular activity!

ID: 1520257

8. At the end:

ID: 1520055

9. Beginning of the semester: I’m actually going to keep my room clean this time.

ID: 1520622

10. By the end:

ID: 1523727

11. Use of free time in the beginning of the semester: starting papers early!

ID: 1523799

12. End:

ID: 1523790

13. Beginning of the semester: putting effort into what you wear to class.

ID: 1523729

14. End of the semester:

ID: 1520628

15. Beginning: I’m going to go to the gym four times a week and get in great shape.

ID: 1523737

16. By the end:

ID: 1523741

17. Beginning: I’m going to keep all of my notes and folders neat and organized.

ID: 1523813

18. By the end:

ID: 1523822

19. Beginning: I’m definitely not going to use my loan money on clothes and beer this year. JUST TEXTBOOKS.

ID: 1524340

20. By the end:

ID: 1524528

21. Beginning: I’m going to go to my professor’s office hours and really get to know them.

ID: 1523761

22. Your afternoons by the end:

ID: 1523772

23. Beginning: I’m going to date EVERYONE.

ID: 1523777

25. Beginning, every time: This is going to be my best semester YET!

ID: 1523779

26. By finals month:

ID: 1523744

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