The Ages In “My Best Friend’s Wedding” Are Seriously Messed Up

Brace yourselves. This is horrifying.

1. Remember when you saw My Best Friend’s Wedding when you were a kid?

ID: 1600495

2. And everyone seemed really old, because they were “adults”?

ID: 1600588

3. Well, here’s the shocking truth: Julia Roberts’ character, Julianne Potter, is a food critic who’s only 27 YEARS OLD.

(Roberts was actually 30 at the time).

ID: 1599638

4. She has a pact with her ex-boyfriend Michael that if they’re both not married by the time they turn 28, they’ll marry each other.

ID: 1599685


ID: 1599954

6. Three weeks before her 28th birthday, Michael tells her that in four days, he will marry Kimmy Wallace, a 20-year-old University of Chicago student.

ID: 1600024

7. That’s right, Cameron Diaz’ character was only 20 years old.

(She was 25 IRL.)

ID: 1600118

8. Remember how she was going to drop out of college to marry what’s his face?

ID: 1600240

9. Because she’s only 20.

ID: 1600879

10. So basically, if you’re a single twenty-something, you’d better make your marriage pact now or be doomed to cradle-rob at the nearest community college ASAP.

ID: 1600711

11. It’s ALMOST as bad as this shocking revelation of ages:

ID: 1600742

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