The 21 Happiest Objects Of All Time


1. These really really cheerful lighters.

ID: 1006562

2. This chair who’s just really excited to be here!

ID: 1006563

3. This plane who’s so stoked for takeoff.

ID: 1006565

4. This pole who CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

ID: 1006610

5. This piece of bread who cannot WAIT for the weekend.

ID: 1006586

6. These adorable pots.

ID: 1006576

7. This toothbrush holder who’s REALLY excited.

ID: 1006592

8. THESE toothbrush holders who are really excited.

ID: 1006598

9. These toothbrush holders who are so effing excited.

ID: 1006585

10. This super cheery car seat.

ID: 1006600

11. This really jolly chair.

ID: 1006602

12. This coffee who is rightly happy about being a coffee.

ID: 1006607

13. This toilet who’s looking on the bright side.

ID: 1006581

14. This totally blissed out tree.

ID: 1006613

15. This classic car who is sooo happy to be a classic car.

ID: 1006640

16. This really stoked space heater.

ID: 1006863

17. These absolutely delighted auditorium doors.

ID: 1006929

18. These sunflowers who are so happy to see you.

ID: 1006949

19. This pumped pair of gas meters.

ID: 1006985

20. This happy-go-lucky purse.

ID: 1007012

21. This jaunty pair of binoculars.

ID: 1007035

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