Lauren Conrad Reveals The Truth About Her Famous Crying GIF

I don’t know what to believe in anymore.

1. You’ve seen this Lauren Conrad crying GIF from The Hills, because you’re a normal human being:

ID: 1656683

2. Well, it turns out the Most Famous Tear Ever Cried isn’t quite what you think.

ID: 1656716

3. In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Conrad reveals that the tear was SLOW-MOED.

ID: 1656828

4. Are you ready?

ID: 1656738

5. If you watch the clip starting at 0:57, you can tell:

ID: 1656928

6. Although I’m never going to stop using this GIF, because it’s perfect for so many occasions like: I’m sad.

ID: 1657050

7. I’m hungry.

ID: 1657053

8. Someone asked me to go out after I already put sweatpants on.

ID: 1657055

9. Trader Joe’s is out of five-layer Fiesta Dip.

ID: 1657056

10. The wifi is down.

ID: 1657065

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