Fall: Expectations Vs. Reality

Where did all these sweater pills come from? WHERE DID THEY COME FROM??

1. Apple picking expectation: I can’t wait to turn all these apples into pie!

2. Reality: UGH, I picked way too many and now I have to eat an apple with lunch every day for the rest of time.

3. Expectation: I’m going to find a cute cold-weather fling!

5. Expectation for pumpkin carving: Let me just whip up this quick and easy and spooky jack-o’-lantern!

6. Reality: pumpkin guts EVERYWHERE.

7. Expectation: hot chocolate.

9. Closet expectation: Let me just find that huge plastic bin with my super-cool fall wardrobe!


10. Reality: one coffee-stained glove and a pilled Xhilaration sweater.

11. Expectation: So many weekends in the woods, renting a cool cabin and playing in the leaves!

12. Reality: one week of nice weather and then everything gets disgusting.

13. Expectation: Going out on Halloween is going to be great!

15. How you think you look layering:

Fame Flynet

17. Pumpkin spice latte expectation: Mmm, like pumpkin pie in a spicy liquid treat!

18. Reality: OMG IT’S SO SWEET I CAN’T.

19. Expectation: These flannel sheets will be so warm and cozy!

20. Reality: Wake up in the middle of the night in a cesspool of sweat.

21. Expectation: a welcome relief from GOD-AWFUL HUMIDITY.

22. Reality: Yeah, actually, that’s pretty freaking awesome.

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