A Typical Night Studying In 2006

Fiiiiiiiine, but only after Heroes.

1. Wake up from your (long, mid-day) nap. Gross, it’s probably time to start studying.

ID: 913897

2. Ready? You can do this. Take a seat at your desk.

ID: 891021

3. Fire up your Dell.

ID: 890432

4. Here we go.

ID: 891319

5. Ugh.

ID: 891333

6. Highlight something without really knowing why you’re highlighting it.

ID: 894385

7. Wait, this happened????

ID: 891342

8. Spend a half hour scrolling through Perez Hilton.

ID: 891246

9. No, it’s time to focus! Crank up your fave album in your headphones.

ID: 890942

10. Write some stuff in your Word document that doesn’t make sense, but you’ll “edit it later.”

ID: 894398

11. Wait! Your floormate is watching “Heroes.”

ID: 894368

12. Get into a long discussion about whether Hayden Panettiere is annoying.

ID: 894406

13. Ugh, FINE, you’re not getting anything done. Time to hit the library.

ID: 894431

14. Put on your favorite comfy shoes.

ID: 890919

16. Load up the school logo backpack you paid way too much for at the bookstore.

ID: 894420

17. On the way, text your friends to see if they’re going.

ID: 889906

18. Plunk down at one of these. Open a Red Bull.

ID: 894364

19. Stare at your laptop for awhile.

ID: 894394

20. Check your email. Ew, so much spam.

ID: 891295

21. Take some more notes.

ID: 894435

22. You start wishing you had done this.

ID: 890466

23. IM your roommates to see if they’re coming. One of them sends you a web comic instead.

ID: 894526

24. AHAHAHAHA this is so funny!

ID: 891455

25. OK.

ID: 894556

26. Put on that other new album you like.

ID: 894647

27. Delete that weird stuff you wrote earlier.

ID: 894659


ID: 891527

29. Go meet some of your friends in one of these and draw stuff on the whiteboard for three hours.

ID: 894686

30. Run to the cafeteria to score some really gross food just as it’s closing. Steal a cup.

ID: 913920

31. Chug half of this from the bottle, then remember you have a cup now and use the cup.

ID: 914071

32. Use this as a plate for a piece of leftover pizza, which you heated up with a blowdryer.

ID: 914097

33. Decide to see if your psychology professor has any chili peppers.

ID: 914241

34. Join some more Facebook groups. Look to see if your high school ex has joined Facebook yet.

ID: 914280

35. Pass out around 3 a.m. using this as a pillow and pretend you’re “studying through osmosis.”

ID: 913931

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