37 Professional Photoshoppers Who Should Be Fired Immediately

Mutant alien hands? Just what the client wanted! posted on

1. Invisible purse:

5. Zombie lady:

6. Although I guess no one was looking at the fingers anyway:

7. Worst lamp everrrrr:

8. “Harder to Breathe” joke:

9. Berlusconi fail:

10. Wait, what:

The Polish version of this Microsoft ad replaced the black man with a white man.

12. When you see it:

16. Zero-gravity CPU:

17. Why did you go and make arms so complicated:

18. Suspenders going nowhere:

19. Bye-bye, belly button:

21. Phantom hands:

24. “Express yourself with a freakishly small head”:

25. Look at the woman in red’s arms:

26. Special victims of inflated heads unit:

27. Holding hands with the world:

28. Rock with legs:

29. Four-armed pizza technique:

30. Mutant alien hands:

31. Rare sighting of the female/patio chair centaur:

32. So much wrong:

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