33 Ways You Know You Were A Youth Group Kid

Hey, can I borrow your Jars of Clay CD to bring to the lock-in?

1. You were so excited that your crush was also going to the lock-in.

ID: 886168

2. You know ALL the hand motions to “Lord I Lift Your Name On High.”

ID: 886215

3. You had one of these. (Extra point if you had your name embossed on the cover in gold.)

ID: 886745

4. You at one point decided to kiss dating good-bye.

ID: 886236

5. You jumped on one of these at camp every summer.

ID: 886224

6. This was the greatest album you’d ever heard.

ID: 886253

7. Or this.

ID: 886712

8. No, wait, THIS.

ID: 886257

9. You burned all of your secular CDs at a church bonfire but then “backslid” and bought new copies of everything.

ID: 886268

10. You used curse word substitutes like “son of a biscuit,” “frickin’,” “what the fudge,” and “dad gum it.”

ID: 886299

11. You were allowed to get whatever you wanted…from here.

ID: 886855

12. This was your pastor’s favorite phrase.

ID: 886331

13. Every Wednesday night you were at Fuel, The Edge, Fire, Reverb, The Blaze, Kindle, or Echo.

ID: 886364

14. You said “just” a lot when you had to pray out loud.

ID: 886402

15. You went on a mission trip to Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti, Ghana, Nicaragua, Uganda, or Venezuela.

ID: 886908

16. Your parents bought you a purity ring.

ID: 886424

17. You had this shirt.

ID: 886469

18. Or this one.

ID: 886484

19. Or this one.

ID: 886496

20. You prayed at school during “See You at the Pole.”

ID: 886514

21. You rode all around town in one of these.

ID: 886527

22. You knew the best Sunday school kids had Bibles that looked like this.

ID: 886560

23. You were encouraged to “share your testimony” with your classmates.

ID: 886783

24. You went to TGI Friday’s after youth group with a party of 14, and everyone ordered water.

ID: 886609

25. You knew the most important question in the world was “How far is too far?”

ID: 886643

26. You had that one girl who would always cry and be dramatic when praying out loud. (Or you WERE that girl.)

ID: 886831

27. You signed a “True Love Waits” pledge.

ID: 886651

28. Instead of Halloween, you went to your church’s “Harvest Festival.”

ID: 886662

29. All the concerts you went to gave you the opportunity to sponsor a kid.

ID: 886680

30. You “guarded your heart” or knew someone who guarded their heart.

ID: 886754

31. Your youth pastor had a soul patch.

ID: 886792

32. Your parents would only let you listen to TruthFM, WayFM, The BridgeFM, HopeFM, LightFM, ShineFM, or PraiseFM. (Safe for the whole family!)

ID: 886814

33. You wore this 24/7.

ID: 886868

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