23 Things That Enrage New Yorkers

I’m in a New York state of mi — omg, MOOOOOOVE.

1. People who hog the Starbucks condiment counter like they’re crafting a magical potion.

ID: 1564139

2. When the subway gets stuck underground.

ID: 1564283

3. Being forced to walk through Times Square.

I was just trying to walk crosstown and I forgot and ugh.

ID: 1642052

4. How Duane Reade doesn’t do cash back.

I will vote for whichever mayoral candidate will mandate a cash-back policy at Duane Reade.

ID: 1643115

5. Having to call Time Warner or National Grid for anything.

ID: 1642101

6. Having to use the phone at all.

ID: 1643081

7. Cash-only restaurants.

Because yes, I always keep tons o’Benjamins on hand.

ID: 1642117

8. This on a Monday morning:

ID: 1642129

9. THIS:

ID: 1642963

10. Leaving your borough on the weekends.

ID: 1642228

11. Getting your bagel and realizing there’s only a THIN layer of cream cheese.

ID: 1642471

12. Waiting for the L train.

ID: 1642499

13. When people walk slow or stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

ID: 1642554

14. Unreasonably long lines at Shake Shack.

ID: 1642625

15. Using (and paying fees for) shady bodega ATMs.

ID: 1643222


ID: 1642166

17. Oversized umbrellas.

And people who open them as they’re exiting the subway station and hit people with it.

ID: 1642672

18. When someone plays music on the train sans headphones.

ID: 1642711

19. Rent prices and moving costs.

ID: 1642761

20. Lack of central AC.

ID: 1642791

21. Taxi drivers who take the long way to your destination.

Assuming you don’t know any better. I live here, sir!

ID: 1642946

22. When there’s subway construction and you have to switch trains or take the local track.

ID: 1642982

23. And the Red Sox.

ID: 1643015

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