23 Reasons Harris Teeter Is A Veritable Grocery Store Paradise

I’ve been in North Carolina less than a week and I’m already convinced.

1. It’s a spotless food palace.

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2. The aisles are organized based on the most important essentials.

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3. The Harris Teeter mascot is a DRAGON named Harry.

What’s your mascot, Stop ‘n’ Shop? A shopping cart? Cute.

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4. Harry has his own cupcakes.

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5. Harris Teeter’s other cupcakes are pretty great too.

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6. It has its own pizza — and it’s GOOD.

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8. You’re an adult and you still totally want to drive the Harris Teeter race car shopping cart.

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9. This sushi is so much better than most grocery stores’.

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10. Its store brand products are better than most expensive branded ones.

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11. It stocks local produce.

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12. Mr. Teeter carries the most important imported delicacies.

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13. And has coupons that are actually worth using.

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14. Some locations even have an in-store STARBUCKS.

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15. Harris Teeter laughs in the face of YOUR store’s wine section.

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16. Some locations even have wine tastings.


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17. A grocery store salad bar that I actually want to eat???

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18. YUM.

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20. A Very Important Customer discount card will save you actual tons of money.

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21. Subs are an important part of any grocery store, and Harris Teeter nails it.

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22. It’s so good, people will brave blizzards just to shop there.

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23. And MOST importantly, you get to say the word “Teeter.”

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