21 Valentine’s Day Gifts Every Twentysomething Really Wants

Will make out for mac ‘n’ cheese.

1. A case of Easy Mac, which will satisfy you way longer than one candlelit dinner.

ID: 2381866

2. A romantic getaway to anywhere that doesn’t require wearing pants.

ID: 2381107

3. A drugstore token that’s actually useful.


ID: 2381124

4. Roommates who don’t have loud sex.

Or who try to drown out their sex-having with loud EDM music, which just makes things worse because now the moaning contrasts with the bass drops.

ID: 2383376

5. A cute S.O. …who will do your taxes for you.

ID: 2381162

6. For your student loans to ride away with Prince Charming on a white horse.

ID: 2382831

7. A romantic night by the fire with wine and HBO Go.

ID: 2382455

8. A date who doesn’t mind that you’re kind of addicted to checking your smartphone.

ID: 2382351

9. Someone to rub your shoulders while you focus exclusively on Flappy Bird.

ID: 2387256

10. Friends who don’t disappear as soon as they get a boyfriend or girlfriend.

ID: 2383307

11. Candy hearts that express sentiments you actually feel.

ID: 2383144

12. A cheat code that physically prevents you from looking at your ex’s Twitter even though you unfollowed them.

Because you can still type in that sweet, sweet URL.

ID: 2387278

13. Someone to do your work for you so you actually have a split second to date.

ID: 2383350

14. A machine that senses when you’re drunk and instantly makes you a grilled cheese.


Better than a boyfriend!

ID: 2387057

15. A personal assistant to Tinder for you.

ID: 2387016

16. Getting selected for a focus group that pays you $20 for every Netflix rom-com you watch.

ID: 2387340

17. A magical way to not be sad over things ending with someone who you weren’t “officially” dating.

It’s OK to be sad, though.

ID: 2387382

18. Someone who’s sexually aroused by your number of Twitter followers…

ID: 2387485

19. …or by how much pizza you can eat…

ID: 2387451

20. …or how cute you look drunk online shopping at 1 a.m…

ID: 2387470

21. …or by how DAMN good you are at procrastinating for the rest of eternity.

ID: 2387441

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