21 Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Childhood TV Shows

Cookie Monster’s real name is WHAT?!

1. All the “Rugrats” babies were voiced by women.

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2. Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid. (SID!)

ID: 935182

3. Meet Olmec from “Legends of the Hidden Temple.”

Well, his voice.

ID: 935221

4. That was a decoy “glowing piece of radical rock,” and you had to give it back at the end.

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5. The substance in the bag that made the “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” campfire smoke is regular table sugar.

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6. Barney was originally intended to be a bear.

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7. There were actually five “Wishbones”: One dog named Soccer, the main actor, and four “stunt” dogs named Phoebe, Bear, Slugger, and Shiner.

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8. Her middle name is Isabela.

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9. It’s implied in the show that they grow up and get married.

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10. “Teletubbies” was filmed outside in a farmer’s field in Stratford-Upon-Avon only on sunny days.

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11. His sweaters were all hand-knit by his mother.

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12. Lord Zedd from “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” might be Jewish.

It’s debated.

ID: 935560

13. JTT was the older one IRL.

ID: 935622

14. The tongue-in-cheek name of the restaurant in “Rocko’s Modern Life” had to be changed after two seasons to not offend young audiences and parents.

ID: 935891

15. Meet the voice of Salem the cat.

ID: 935934

16. The Powerpuff Girls were based on Fauna, Flora, and Merryweather from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.”

ID: 935952

17. In the original comic book, they all had red bandannas, but this way you could tell them all apart.

ID: 935969

18. This show was originally going to be about a boy named Pete and his dog named Pete.

ID: 936123

19. Originally he was Uncle Adam.

ID: 936171

20. All Smurfs are born male. (Female Smurfettes usually are created by magic.)

ID: 936229

21. Alex Mack’s archrival, Jessica, looks familiar…


ID: 936272

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