21 Reasons Your Mom Is The Best Friend Ever


1. When your friends complain about their moms calling them all the time…

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2. You’re confused, because you talk to your mom every day.


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3. You can confide in her about anything:

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5. No matter how bad of a day you’ve had, your mom always thinks you can change the world.

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6. She’s the first person you text after a date…

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7. …or a job interview.

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8. …or for help when you try to cook literally anything.

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9. She’s your favorite vacation buddy.

(Yes, you can go on trips together and not want to kill each other by the end.)

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10. You’re not afraid to show each other some sass.

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11. …and she knows how to crack you up.

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12. In fact, you have more inappropriate conversations with her sometimes than you do with your friends.

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13. You know your mom always has your back.

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14. You talk to her about your relationships, because after all these years, you trust her advice.

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15. You even borrow each other’s clothes.

…and NO, that’s not weird.

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16. You know that because she loves you, she’s not afraid to lay down the harsh truths.

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17. You go shopping together:

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18. …and she knows the way to your heart.

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19. When someone says it’s weird that you’re so close to your mom, you’re just like:

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20. Because despite what some people might think, your mom’s not trying too hard to do this:

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21. …it’s just that the older you get, the more you realize she’s your hero, and true friend, for life.

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