20 Sentences Every Grad Student Has Uttered

Besides the most common refrain: “I’m so, so tired.”

1. “School comes before sex.”

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2. “Whew, that reading assignment only took me six hours instead of eight.”

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3. To your nieces and nephews: “I’m kind of in the 20th grade.”

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4. “I’ve really been meaning to get started on my thesis.”

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5. “I can’t relax because every time I try, I feel so guilty.”

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6. “No, it’s OK, I’ll just bring my reading to the bar.”

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7. “Of course, professor, let me explain this part of my prospectus to you.”

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8. “This coffee shop needs about 100 more power outlets.”

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9. “I’ve been up for long enough that this actually counts as my first coffee of TODAY.”

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10. “I don’t remember what it’s like to read for fun.”

ID: 1221336

11. “Does anyone know if there are any free lunch speakers today?”

ID: 1221361

12. “Actually it’s not ‘just like’ more undergrad.”

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13. “I’ve lost the ability to love!”

ID: 1223318

14. “But [author]’s primary assertion is problematic.”

ID: 1223377

15. “I live in this library.”

ID: 1223875

16. “The TA’s hours changed AGAIN!!!”

ID: 1223939

17. “How many Red Bulls should you have in a day?”

ID: 1223945

18. “I’m going to kill whoever checked out the book I need from the library.”

ID: 1223965

19. “I never know what day it is anymore.”

ID: 1224005

20. “What did you get on that test?”

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