17 Dogs Who Are Ready For Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday? ON IT.

1. This dog who says bring on the mai tais.

2. This dog who will worry about how to unpurple himself tomorrow.

3. This dog who actually believes she’s going to give up Pup-Peroni for Lent.

4. This dog who thinks you shouldn’t debase yourself for a silly plastic necklace, ladies!

5. This dog who’s going to try really really hard to make it to mass tomorrow.

6. This dog who is totally going incognito because she heard her boss was also going to New Orleans.

7. These dogs who are scoping out all the hotties in the French Quarter.

8. This dog who laughs in the face of hangovers.

9. These dogs who just wolfed like a hundred beignets.

10. This dog who didn’t really even want to go but her friends talked her into it.

11. This dog who procrastinated and had to get his costume last minute at Party City.

12. This dog who started daydrinking a wee bit too early.

13. These dogs who couldn’t get off work to go but are totally in New Orleans in spirit.

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