13 Things That Are So “The Raven”


1. Pondering while weak and weary on a dreary midnight.

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2. Reading forgotten lore.

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3. Pining over someone named Lenore.

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4. Hearing freaky tapping at your door, even though it’s the middle of December. WTF

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5. The silken sad uncertain rustling of purple curtains.

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6. Fantastic terrors never felt before.

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7. Making up a fun poem and yelling it at the tapping sound to express your terror.

ID: 1485065

8. Giving up and going back inside, only to hear it start tapping again. OMG NO

ID: 1485082

9. Opening the window and watching a bird fly in and then watching it sit on a bust of Pallas.

ID: 1485095

10. Asking the bird for its name like it’s a person, but all it says is “nevermore.”

ID: 1485141

11. Saying some more stuff and it STILL says “nevermore.”

ID: 1485180

12. Yelling A BUNCH OF FLIPPIN’ STUFF AT THE RAVEN and it STILL says “nevermore.”

ID: 1485233

13. Losing your shit and pretending you’re trapped under the raven’s shadow forever because you’re a total drama queen.

ID: 1485266

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