13 Signs You’re Addicted To Lip Balm

But it feels so good!

1. You have YOUR brand.

ID: 1539154

2. …and you refuse to use ANYTHING else.

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3. Your lips feel naked without it. REALLY NAKED.

ID: 1547496

4. If you’re out and you realize you left your tube at home, you have to stop and buy a new one.

Lest you go a WHOLE DAY with dry lips!

ID: 1539854

5. The first thing you do after eating? Reapply.

ID: 1548185

6. You get irrationally angry when someone asks to borrow yours.

Because germs. But also, get your own!

ID: 1549251

7. You have at least one drawer that looks like this:

ID: 1547586

8. You get really nervous when you reach into your purse or pocket and can’t find that trusted little lip balm tube.

ID: 1547922

9. You have a FIRM opinion on tube vs. pot. vs. stick.

ID: 1548475

10. You dream about owning all of these.

ID: 1548144

11. You know that this isn’t a magical alien pod.

ID: 1548088

12. You always have your backups.

ID: 1548264

13. …so you can reapply all the time. ALL THE TIME.

ID: 1548890

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