13 Signs You’re Addicted To Lip Balm

But it feels so good!

1. You have YOUR brand.

2. …and you refuse to use ANYTHING else.

3. Your lips feel naked without it. REALLY NAKED.

4. If you’re out and you realize you left your tube at home, you have to stop and buy a new one.

Lest you go a WHOLE DAY with dry lips!

5. The first thing you do after eating? Reapply.

6. You get irrationally angry when someone asks to borrow yours.

Because germs. But also, get your own!

7. You have at least one drawer that looks like this:

8. You get really nervous when you reach into your purse or pocket and can’t find that trusted little lip balm tube.

9. You have a FIRM opinion on tube vs. pot. vs. stick.


10. You dream about owning all of these.

11. You know that this isn’t a magical alien pod.

12. You always have your backups.

13. …so you can reapply all the time. ALL THE TIME.

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