22 Signs You Are A Harry Potter Super-Fan

For all those Potterheads out there… this one’s for you!

1. Harry Potter was a huge part of your childhood…

…and is still a huge part of your life today.

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2. When someone tells you that they liked the movies better than the books:

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3. Or even worse, when someone tells you they liked Twilight better than Harry Potter:

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4. You get very involved in discussions about Harry Potter.

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5. When you find out that a person you were friends with does not like Harry Potter:

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6. Starkid is the best Harry Potter fan-made parody ever created.

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To put it plainly it’s…

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7. You love introducing your friends to Harry Potter.

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8. Your reaction when people bash Hufflepuffs:

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9. When you meet someone who loves Harry Potter as much as you do you instantly become best friends.

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10. You desperately wanted to see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying when Daniel Radcliffe was in it…

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and then again when Darren Criss was in it.

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11. You went to the midnight premiers in full Harry Potter costume.

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12. You have read all of the Harry Potter books several times.

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13. You can get really emotional when you talk about Harry Potter.

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14. JK Rowling is your queen.

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15. Your favorite number will always be 394.

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16. You will go to LeakyCon before you die.

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17. Visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is also on your bucket list.

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18. You cannot wait to introduce Harry Potter to your children.

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19. You could never pronounce Hermione’s name when you read the books for the first time.

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20. You panicked before the last book/movie came out because you knew you would never experience it for the first time again.

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21. You love reading articles about what happened to the characters after the books ended… whether they are accurate or not.

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22. In 20 years when people ask you if you still like Harry Potter…

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