7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Shitty Day Better!

Having a bad day? Try one of these 10 things to make it a bit better.

1. Buy New Music

Because you always feel better after a good dashboard drum solo.

ID: 1715319

2. Watch Vine Videos

Because who doesn’t like to watch people humiliate themselves in public places?

ID: 1715326

3. Wash Your Car

Because washing your car gets rid of those evil feeling inside.

ID: 1715317

4. Buy A Stranger Coffee

Because doing nice things makes us feel better.

ID: 1715359

5. Open a Window

Because the idea of escaping is almost as good as really running away.

ID: 1723178

6. Text Selfies to a Random Number

Because making someone else’s day shitty sometimes makes your day better.

ID: 1723190

7. AND then say!

Because the occasional F bomb just feels good!

ID: 1723282

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