Campaign Fashion

With the election just around the corner, its time to choose sides and show your support. Let’s pretend its high school and pick sides by who has the coolest stuff.

1. Obama Shirts

Customization? Check! The State Tee allows you to pick your state, t-color, and text color.

ID: 546211

Campaign shirts don’t have to be red, white, and blue.

ID: 546222

Jewish-Americans for Obama

ID: 546228

LGBT for Obama

ID: 546231

Gay ol’ baby onesie. Too cute.

ID: 546232

Dress your dog, too. (Great if you’re into that kind of thing.)

ID: 546233

And fashion tees, of course.

ID: 546236

Don’t forget hipsters.

ID: 546237

2. Romney Shirts

ID: 546251

Government didn’t build my business, I DID!

ID: 546252

Mom’s for Mitt

ID: 546253

Super Fan, super fun.

ID: 546254

Old school.

ID: 546256

Three-quarter sleeves.

ID: 546257

V-necks are so hot with the kids today. Let’s do one of those.

ID: 546260

3. Obama Mugs

Cup of Joe Mug

ID: 546264

Just one of the merch items with Obama’s birth certificate on it. Humor, great way into the peoples’ hearts.

ID: 546267

4. Romney Mug

Just a little too ordinary.

ID: 546273

5. Obama Poster

I love the design and the message of this poster.

ID: 546278

6. Romney Poster

ID: 546279

7. Obama Hat

ID: 546290

8. Romney Hat

ID: 546293

9. Obama Bonus Merch

Extra points for awesome “drink” coozie.

ID: 546298

10. Romney Bonus Merch

Romney’s store included a handful of iPhone cases. Neat.

ID: 546301

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