Your First Time Getting High, As Told By Cats

That special, special day when your youth was corrupted.

1. So for a long time you were all like, “I will never try that stuff.”

ID: 1373228

2. But all your friends seemed to be doing it at parties.

ID: 1378757

3. You did some research on the subject and ultimately decided you were ready to give it a shot.

ID: 1373234

4. You were a major rookie. For starters, you had absolutely no idea how to use this “bowl” thing.

ID: 1379355

5. You tried to inhale but it hurt your throat sooo much.

ID: 1373365

6. To make matters worse, all your friends were starting to feel it and you were stone-cold sober.

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7. But then, out of nowhere, everything got funny. Like really, really funny.

ID: 1373257

8. And suddenly, you had NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON.

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10. So you did the only thing that felt right.

You pillaged the snack drawer.

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11. Then you moved on to the fridge and scavenged anything that was (somewhat) edible.

ID: 1374879

12. Your friend’s mom walked in and you had to use all your strength to keep yourself from giggling.

ID: 1379077

13. You did a good job. She definitely couldn’t tell.

ID: 1379692

14. After that, your friend turned on Animal Planet and you were all, “woooooaaaaaaah.”

“Dude, gazelles are like….majestic.”

ID: 1373271

15. Then someone threw Pink Floyd on the speakers and you were all, “whaaaaaaaat.”

ID: 1375550

16. You were having mind-blowing epiphanies left and right.

“The word OK looks like a sideways person. I’ve said OK my whole life and never noticed him.”

ID: 1378296

17. But then shit got a little too real.

“The world is so fake, man. Like, what if you’re even not actually real?”

ID: 1373489

18. It was a lot to handle.

“Wait, what if I’m not real???”

ID: 1373495

19. That’s when you started getting super paranoid.

ID: 1375024

20. Which devolved into you convincing yourself you might even be hallucinating.

ID: 1373501

21. You could slowly feel everyone around you getting sick and tired of your un-chillness.

ID: 1379287

22. After that, you just stayed really quiet for a while.

ID: 1375182

23. ‘Till eventually, you passed out cold.

Long day. Probably not gonna do that shit again for a WHILE. Right?

ID: 1379577

24. Haha, riiiiiiiiight.

(You two weeks later).

ID: 1379746

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