22 Babies You’ll Run Into At Happy Hour

Come 5 PM, these lil’ tots are out to play.

1. The Hipster-Bro Baby.

ID: 1313916

2. The Post-Work Banker Baby.

Nikuwka / Via shutterstock.com

If you don’t walk away within 45 seconds, he’ll spend the next 45 minutes telling you everything he knows about spreadsheets. And guess what? He knows a fucking lot about spreadsheets.

ID: 1313738

3. The Loud Birthday Girl Baby.

ID: 1313589

4. The Creeper Baby.

Lecherous glances are his forté.

ID: 1312739

5. The Overly PDA Babies

ID: 1316197

6. The Underaged Baby.

Schalke fotografie | Melissa Schalke / Via shutterstock.com

Wait, how’d this kid get in? He’s gotta have a really good fake.

ID: 1316275

7. The Designated Driver Baby.

ID: 1313857

8. The baby who’s just there to watch the game.

He’s tryna cheer on his freakin’ squad, so quit blocking the TV and take your social tendencies elsewhere.

ID: 1316215

9. The Generous Baby…

ID: 1316246

10. …annnnnd the Cheap Baby.

Katy Spichal / Via shutterstock.com
ID: 1316471

11. The Betch-y Baby

Buying herself a drink? Ha, in what life.

ID: 1317784

12. The baby tryna get everyone on the dancefloor.

ID: 1312526

13. The Drunkest Baby At The Party.

ID: 1317824

14. The Inseparable (Insufferable) Bestie Babies.

“What the HELL, Melissa? Why would you go to the bathroom without me???”

ID: 1313689

15. The Waspy Frat-Boy Baby.

ID: 1317934

16. The Selfie/Snap-Chatting Baby…

Dwayne Fundano / Via Facebook: D.Fundano.Photography
ID: 1318355

17. Or the baby trying to document literally every moment.

Anetta / Via shutterstock.com
ID: 1318367

18. The baby getting after it a bit too aggressively…

ID: 1314469

19. …who later becomes the Belligerent Baby.

ID: 1317001

20. …and ultimately the Brawling Baby.

ID: 1317033

21. Then there’s the baby who’s been at the bar too long.

ID: 1317004

22. And of course, your Friendly Bartender Baby.

Tip him well. It’s to your advantage.

ID: 1317304

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