37 Dogs Who Are Totally Freaked Out

Being a dog is ruff.

1. This dog who was just betrayed by the only thing he ever loved!

ID: 1261499

2. This dog who totally didn’t see that pit of vipers.

ID: 1261501

3. This dog who wants everyone to know that he probably tastes awful!!

ID: 1261505

4. This dog who was only trying to be open to new experiences.

ID: 1261593

5. This little guy who thought he heard a noise outside…

ID: 1261558

6. This dog who reaaaaally needs you to just keep the lights on…please?

ID: 1261508

7. This dog who needs you to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! RIGHT NOW!!

ID: 1261504

8. This little dude who’s soooooo not falling for that again!

ID: 1261512

9. This dog who, ya know…sensed where the line was and then crossed it anyways.

ID: 1261510

10. This dog who had no idea about gravity.

ID: 1261511

11. This dog who absolutely does.

ID: 1261516

12. This dog who doesn’t think that woman is actually very pretty at all.

ID: 1261595


ID: 1261514

14. This dog who knows how to pick his battles.

ID: 1261520

15. This dog who may never trust again.

ID: 1261517

16. This dog who’s positive he just contracted a lethal case of the cooties.

ID: 1261521

17. This dog who seriously needs you to fast-forward through this part, ok??

ID: 1261515

18. This dog who had no idea you’d be back home so soon!

ID: 1261523

19. This dog who’s sure it’s actually spelled “Satan”.

ID: 1261527

20. This dog who want’s you to know he has a wife and three kids back home!

ID: 1261532

21. This dog who’s screaming on the inside.

Also, a little on the outside.

ID: 1261534

22. This dog who has stared straight into the fiery depths of hell.

ID: 1261536

23. This dog who just wants to know if it’s safe to come out yet?

ID: 1261537

24. This dog who thinks we should maybe rethink this whole thing, guys…

ID: 1261543

25. This dog who knows he’s about to be eaten ALIVE!

ID: 1261539

26. This dog who’s the first victim of the zombie apocalypse!

ID: 1261538

27. This dog who needs you to understand the end is nigh!!

ID: 1261541

28. This dog who doesn’t need to be told twice.

ID: 1261554

29. This dog who’s fleeing the jaws of certain death.

ID: 1261557

30. This dog who doesn’t trust it for even a minute!!


ID: 1261544

31. This dog who knows exactly how this is gonna end!


ID: 1261551

32. This dog who just needs you all to calm down! Just CALM DOWN, PEOPLE!

ID: 1261548

33. This dog who doesn’t know how this thing even got in the HOUSE???

ID: 1261553

34. This dog who can’t BELIEVE what just happened on “Game of Thrones”!!!

ID: 1261599

35. This dog who can’t look. can’t look. can’t look. can’t look. can’t look.

ID: 1261572

36. This dog who’s almost positive that thing he just saw was probably a bear!

ID: 1261555

37. This dog who’s pretty sure this is how it’s ALL GONNA END!!

ID: 1261519

But not this guy. This guy ain’t scared of NOTHIN’!

ID: 1261591

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