23 Real-Life Struggles Of Being 23

Whoever said your early twenties were carefree lied!

1. When you go out, you try to act like you’re still in college…

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2. Only to realize the next day your body can’t handle it like it used to.

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3. You have to consciously weigh going out vs. getting sleep…

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4. Because you know going to work hungover is the worst!

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5. You know you should make friends with your older colleagues, but what do you even talk about?

Pregnancy? Kids? Prenups?

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6. And you’re too old now to keep hitting up college parties.

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7. So you get even more confused when people tell you just to act your age.

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8. Your parents start to throw around the hard questions, like when you’ll bring home a nice boy or girlfriend.

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9. You keep realizing how much harder it is to chill with old friends, and you worry they might judge you if you keep blowing them off.

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10. You have to set your significant other’s standards way low, since you barely have any cash.

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11. Your friends keep insisting that no one likes you when you’re 23.

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12. It’s more important than ever to hide all those questionable Facebook pictures.

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13. You’re constantly on edge about how your family will judge your fledgling career choices.

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14. People over 25 don’t respect your growing existential panic as you approach your mid-twenties.

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15. You have fewer and fewer excuses for not being able to cook.

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16. You can’t help but subconsciously compare your life to HIMYM

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17. Or to Friends


Even though you know they were in their late twenties.

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18. Or really to any Nicholas Sparks movie.

New Line Cinema

And your life never stacks up in the comparisons as much as you’d like.

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19. You’ll resort to paying for fast food in change at least once in a drunken stupor.

wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

And you thought your scummy broke college days were behind you.

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20. Asking old professors for advice won’t be as helpful as you hope.

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“Who are you?”

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21. Your job is nothing like you hoped it would be.


*Cue existential crisis*

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22. So you begin to understand “working for the weekend” all too well…

Warner Brothers / Via ontopofthewhirled.tumblr.com
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23. And you realize that your life is defined by what your job is.

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But whatever, let the haters hate. You know that being 23 is still somehow awesome.

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