21 Reasons You’d Be Better Off In Slytherin

Is there really any contest?

1. The guiding trait of Slytherin is ambition, which is the defining trait of success.

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2. And this is without a doubt true, as Slytherin has won two out of three Pottermore House Cups.

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3. Slytherins are encouraged to be free spirited and bend the rules.

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4. But they always know when to change their tune to save their own lives.

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5. It has the cutest members.

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6. And the most incredible professors.

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Who doesn’t love Severus Snape?

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7. Obviously the house colors are massively alluring.

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Green and silver are subtle, but powerful.

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8. Speaking of style, Salazar Slytherin left behind some blinged out heirlooms.

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9. And have you seen their crest? Pure bad ass.

And it makes for an awesome tattoo.

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10. The house animal, a giant serpent, is not something to mess around with.

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11. Not to mention that some Slytherins can even be Parseltongues.

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Talking to snakes would be pretty dope.

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12. And although Voldemort was pretty much pure evil…

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You still have to respect the caliber of wizards that Slytherin manages to produce.

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13. Even Merlin was a member of House Slytherin.

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14. You get to make the best house based puns.

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15. Slytherins are natural politicians, so obviously you’d have fun making slogans.

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16. Being in Slytherin opens the door to some very powerful, and wealthy, connections.

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17. And Slytherins are great at staying cool, calm, and collected.

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18. Plus, Slytherins are so stylish.

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19. The fact that Salazar Slytherin was able to hide a basilisk within Hogwarts for a thousand years points to Slytherin ingenuity.

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20. The Bloody Baron has one of the most intriguing back stories.

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In a fit of rage he killed the woman he loved, only to then kill himself.

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21. And all Slytherins are basically honorary members of Draco and the Malfoys.

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But in the end, it doesn’t really matter what house you belong to…

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Because obviously, no matter what, being a wizard or witch would have been awesome.

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