17 Celebrities Who Definitely Are Pokemon

They’re all pretty legendary.

1. Shellder rocked the tongue look at the VMAs this year.

Mike Lawrie / Getty Images

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100073

2. And Charizard was without a doubt Miami’s MVP.

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

ID: 2099150

3. Normally Jigglypuff doesn’t roar, but “Roar” rocked it.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

TV Tokyo

ID: 2099171

4. Willem Dafoe has that shapely, angular brow that Gyarados shows off so well.

Columbia Pictures

TV Tokyo

ID: 2099299

5. Machoke really made for a great governor of California.

Universal Pictures

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100035

6. Hopefully Rob Ford won’t self-destruct due to all the political pressure he’s under.

Fred Thornhill / Reuters

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100103

7. Those teeth… That nose… Tom Cruise and Raticate got it going on.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images for MPTF

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100162

8. Rupert Grint sure made a splash as a child.

Warner Brothers

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ID: 2100246

9. It’s all about dat hair, right, Pauly D?

Steve Marcus / Reuters

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100298

10. Same for Whoopi and Tangela.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images for Film Society of Lincoln Center

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ID: 2100518

11. And who could doubt that Christina Hendricks is as foxy as a Vulpix.


TV Tokyo

ID: 2100416

12. Diglett has never topped its early work, Pitch Black.

Jonathan Leibson / WireImage

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100651

13. Kakuna might be one of the few things on earth that can match Keanu’s frozen face.

Warner Brothers

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100732

14. Any doubt that Billy Zane stole his look from Charmander?

Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images for Montblanc

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100781

15. Squirtle was just never the same after The Smashing Pumpkins first broke up.

Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100812

16. No word if Ron Jeremy and Drowzee match anywhere besides hand gestures.

Don Arnold / WireImage

TV Tokyo

ID: 2100491

17. Nicki Minaj certainly looks like she can double-slap anyone she wants.

Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

TV Tokyo

ID: 2099285

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