17 Animals Who Are Sexy And Know It

These animals were born to strut.

1. “Mhmm, yeah, don’t mind me. Just getting ma flex on, ya feeling me?”

ID: 1986917

2. “So, we cruisin’ for bitches or what?”

ID: 1987137

3. “What did JT think he was talking about? Girl, sexy never left me!”

ID: 1987114

4. “Sup? I’m sure you’ve heard all about me and my magic tongue.”

ID: 1987330

5. “Oh, hai! Isn’t this embarrassing… You catching me sunning myself… From behind…”

ID: 1986750

6. “You want to burrow your face into my fur? *Sigh* Wouldn’t be the first time.”

ID: 1986836

7. “Your knight in shining armor has arrived.”

ID: 1987000

8. “Why don’t you open up dem legs and let me Slytherin.”

ID: 1987306

9. “Come at me, world! I’m ready for your sweet sweet loving!”

ID: 1987870

10. “With great mustache comes great responsibility.”

ID: 1986776

11. “This swag? Straight vintage.”

ID: 1987144

12. “I don’t always dress up, but when I do, it’s to the tens.”

ID: 1987316

13. “How you doing? Come out to the doghouse often?”

ID: 1987777

14. “Excuse me, but to suggest I’m anything less than fuckable is undignified.”

ID: 1987325

15. “I hate getting this wet without you.”

ID: 1987408

16. “Bear with me. Just gotta strike this pose for the cameras.”

ID: 1987520

17. “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! I truly am fap worthy!”

James A. Galletto / Via mnh.si.edu
ID: 1987471

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