27 Reasons Why Chris Hadfield Won 2013

Astronaut, musician, champion mustache rocker…

1. He was not only an astronaut…

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2. But also the commander of the International Space Station for six months.

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3. During which time he serenaded Earth with his renditions of David Bowie…

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4. He had a great social media presence…

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5. From which he tweeted beautiful pictures of how the earth looked from orbit, like the Bahamas.

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6. Or Portsmouth, England.

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7. Or the Great Lakes.

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8. And even space walks.

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9. And he enthusiastically geeked out over camera settings.

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10. He’s done three reddit AMAs, including one while still in space!

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11. And while on Earth he committed random acts of kindness for all his fans.

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12. Not to mention he had no problems making videos answering fans’ questions about space, like how he brushed his teeth…

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13. How, in fact, astronauts use the bathroom in space…

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14. And how amazing water looks and behaves in zero gravity.

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15. As well as how you can’t swim in space.

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16. He happily participated in a Myth Busters episode while still in orbit.

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17. And he showed off how much fun eating asparagus in zero g can be.

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18. He made great sexy eyes while showing off his space sandwich.

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19. And he made himself one monster space burrito.

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20. Nothing cuter happened in 2013 than watching Hadfield tuck himself into bed.

ID: 2093066

21. Except for possibly watching him eat chocolate pudding cake.

ID: 2093334

22. He happily went to any length to show how crying works in space.

ID: 2093186

23. And without hesitation he demonstrated how astronaut vomit bags work.

ID: 2093250

24. He has a goofy side, and freely admitted to trying to propel himself around the space station by farting.

ID: 2091949

25. He should automatically win the internet, since he is a proud pug owner.

Buy the pug art here.

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26. Back on Earth, he made fun of himself on YouTube, while raising awareness for cancer research through Movember.

ID: 2092483

27. Really, he’s up there with the other greats, making science and space cool and accessible to the whole world.

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If you crave more Hadfield, here is his rendition of “Space Oddity” in its entirety.

ID: 2091862

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