18 Reasons Lunch Is The Best Meal Of The Day

I feel strongly about this.

1. Lunch breaks up the work day, which helps reduce the chances of you doing this.

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2. Lunch was made to be eaten outside.

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3. Besides, have you ever heard of a breakfast or dinner picnic?

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4. Two words: Lunch. Specials.

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5. Your lunch break is a good time to bond with colleagues and make friends.

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6. Your lunch break is a good time to bond with colleagues and talk about how much you hate everyone at work.

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8. Unlike dinner, you can get away with eating lunch solo in public.

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9. Lunch is the most socially appropriate time to eat sandwiches.

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10. Same thing for tacos.

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11. You can use “lunch” as a verb.

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12. Lunch is an ideal time to eat leftovers.

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13. Self-explanatory.

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14. This photo would have been much more logistically complicated with cereal bowls.

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15. Lunch dates are less pressure than dinner dates and you still get to eat food.

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16. Lunch was basically happy hour in high school.

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17. Besides, have you ever heard of a power dinner?

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18. Ok, second breakfast is also pretty great.

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