The 15 Best Beards In Music

Most of us don’t make it too far into the summer before we’re desperate for a hair cut. But there are a few musicians out there who manage to survive the heat without chopping off their incredibly intense facial hair. Check out the guys who have the most impressive beards in music, and if you’re looking for a unique way to cool down, turn up your speakers and listen to ZZ Top’s new single, “I Got To Get Paid.”

1. ZZ Top

2. Andy Williams of Every Time I Die

3. Tim Millar of Protest The Hero

4. Sam Beam of Iron & Wine

5. Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra

6. Jamey Johnson

7. Sky White of Foxy Shazam

8. Josh T. Pearson of Lift To Experience

9. Shavo of System Of A Down

10. George Harrison

13. Rick Rubin

14. Ben Bridwell of Band Of Horses

15. Kerry King of Slayer

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