Top 20 Reasons Why You Still Love Camp

Whether you went by day or slept over for months, you can’t deny that you are still obsessed with camp years later. Why, might you ask? For all the reasons listed below. Go call your camp friends now and tell them you miss them. C’mon, I know you want to. posted on

1. Getting Asked To The Dance By Your Crush Was Your Biggest Concern.

2. Kissing Behind The Bunk Was The Most Action You Got All Summer.

3. Visiting Day Wasn’t About Seeing Your Parents. It Was About Getting Your Hands On As Much Junk Food As Possible.

4. Waking Up At 7am For Swimming Lessons Still Gives You Nightmares.

5. Wearing Your Camp T-Shirts Everyday Made Getting Dressed In The Morning So Easy.

6. Color War Is Still In Your Vocabulary Today As Though It’s An Olympic Event That Occurs Every Summer.

7. Calling Home Was Scheduled, Once A Week And You Cried If Your Parents Weren’t Home To Answer.

8. Hoping For Soda When All You Got Was Bug Juice.

9. Jewish Geography Is The Name Of The Game.

10. Getting Mail (And No, Not E-mail) Was The Highlight Of Your Day. And A Package Full Of Stamps, Stationary And Jacks, Made Your Week!

11. You Spent Hours Perfecting Your King Cobra Stitch.

12. You Had To Outdo Your Neighbor’s Bunk Bed With Every Stuffed Animal Ever Created, Pictures Of All Your Friends And The Entire Solar System Made Out Of Glow In The Dark Stickers.

13. Lake Was Your Favorite Activity Because Not Only Could You Water Ski, Kayak And Canoe, The Instructors Were Always Hot.

14. Hooking Up With Your Counselor Was Absolutely Forbidden But No One Had To Know, Right?

15. Everything You Owned Had Your Initials On It Written With Sharpie.

16. You Would Do Anything To Be The Lead In The Camp Play. ANYTHING.

17. You And Your Best Friend Had Matching Friendship Bracelets. Oh, And Everyone Back Then Was Your Best Friend.

18. When Your Bunk Was Divided Into 2 Teams For Color War, You Took It So Literally, You’d Do Anything To Have Your Best Friend, Trip And Break Her Ankle To Not Be Color War Captain.

19. You Hated The Person In Your Bunk Photo Who Gave You Bunny Ears. You Will Forever Be Reminded Of This In The Summer Yearbook.

20. Your Best Friends Today Are Your Camp Friends From Childhood.

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