Jen is neither fish nor toaster, but she still likes to swim and sizzle. She has freckles that turn green in the sun, and was once (for about ten years) called, "Four eyes!" She spends most of her time in her own head, a malady the result of brut...
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    • jenwithapen

      Sadly, I’m in agreement with Kayla on this. I don’t like a single one of those rooms. Maybe these indicate your clients’ tastes, but honestly each room comes across as overly done, overly busy, and screaming “trying too hard.”  The only room I even remotely like is the one with the purple lamp shade (mauve or whatever it is), but then you go and add tiger stripe (because god knows a room isn’t a room unless it has some kind of animal print in it =P) and those CHAIRS look so UNCOMFORTABLE. I have this issue with a lot of designers. The items they buy are just so impractical. Interesting, sure. Structural pieces, possibly. But livable? No. Anyway, considering the fact that my husband and I have polar opposite tastes and are just now building our own home, what we’ve found is that we have to canvas catalogs, book, home shows, any resource we can get our hands on to find something we _both_ enjoy. It happens, it just takes time. In truth, I think that kind of collaboration makes for great spaces with designs that function for both sexes.