You Need This Compilation Of Every “Rack Off” On Heartbreak High In Your Life

It will definitely come in handy, you know, whenever you want to tell someone to rack off.

1. When a troll asks you a stupid question…

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ID: 3023886

2. When you’re 100% done with an argument…

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ID: 3023881

3. When somebody most definitely is not your mate…

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ID: 3023882

4. When you just can’t deal with the day…

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ID: 3023879

5. When you’re being harassed…

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ID: 3023884

6. Or just annoyed…

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ID: 3023880

7. When you see your favourite (*cough*) politician’s face…

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ID: 3023885

8. And definitely when you hear them talk.

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ID: 3023883

9. Watch the work of art that is every Heartbreak High “rack off” right now. Enjoy it. Save it. Use it against your enemies. You’re welcome.

ID: 3023892

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Jenna Guillaume is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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