This Performance Will Melt Your Mind

What is happeniiiiing.

1. So last night was the finale of The Voice Australia, and’s singer Anja Nissen took out top spot.

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2. But the really mind-blowing part of the night came from’s own performance.

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3. He took the stage with Cody Wise to perform “It’s My Birthday”, and at first things seemed… fine.

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4. Until the dude playing the keyboard looked suspiciously like in a bandanna.

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5. And then… another Cody appeared?

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6. And woah wait that is definitely playing the drums.

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7. And also IN THE AUDIENCE?!

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8. Wait whaaaaat?

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9. What is this madness?!

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10. Oh nothing much just taking the ultimate selfie.

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11. And falling down and laughing at himself.

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12. And flipping himself off.

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13. It was just like…

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14. What?

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15. The other judges were pretty into it.

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16. But everyone watching along at home was very confused, afraid, and basically questioning their entire existence.

I have no idea what just happened #TheVoiceAU

— Jonathan Brown (@JB_AU)
ID: 3437827

My brain hurts a little, but wow. #TheVoiceAu @iamwill #birthday

— Anna Chaplin (@anna_k_chap)
ID: 3437825

I think @iamwill just broke the minds of Australian TV viewers. #thevoiceau

— Blake Price-Steel (@blakepup)
ID: 3437830

You've all seen The Prestige? Yeah, is drowning his clones in the ad break. #TheVoiceAu

— Toby Francis (@Toby_Francis)
ID: 3437832

My head hurts. Is this entire performance a hologram? #thevoiceau

— Myf Clark (@myfala)
ID: 3437836

I need a nap. A hug. And a promise never to celebrate anyone's birthday again. #thevoiceau

— Lisa Campbell (@LCLuckiest)
ID: 3437826

AM I WILL I AM?! #TheVoiceAU

— Daisy H (@officialdaisyh)
ID: 3437838

Still mindfucked over @iamwill's extraordinary performance on @TheVoiceAU #howdidhedothat #thevoicefinale #TheVoiceAu

— haylee (@GratifyingCam)
ID: 3437842's #TheVoiceAU performance was one of the most confusing things I've ever seen.

— Donny Calabria (@Donny101)
ID: 3437843

25. You can melt your brain by watching the whole thing here:

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26. BuzzFeed has reached out to Channel Nine for an explanation of this trickery, but they’re yet to reveal their secrets.

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