18 Reasons The Huntsman Spider Is Your New Best Friend

They’re so misunderstood.

1. This is a huntsman spider.

ID: 3121365

2. Isn’t she cute?

Flickr: elizartyrrell / Creative Commons
ID: 3122019

3. It’s so fluffy!

ID: 3122022

4. Did you know huntsman spiders just want to be your friends?

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5. They don’t hurt humans.

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6. It’s incredibly rare for a huntsman to bite a human - they generally only do if you’re really bugging them, and even then the bite is mild and pretty much harmless.

ID: 3122032

7. Mostly they just want to hang out.

ID: 3122035

8. They move in to homes and cars and sit there quietly, just enjoying your company.

Flickr: pommiebastards / Creative Commons
ID: 3122073

9. They don’t even build webs, so they keep their area very clean.

Flickr: kabl1992 / Creative Commons
ID: 3122076

10. They even get rid of nasty cockroaches and other bugs for you.

ID: 3122081

11. Of course they can be a little shy, so it’s best not to hassle them too much.

Animal Planet
ID: 3122086

12. If you do, there’s a good chance they’ll run away. They scare pretty easily, poor things.

Animal Planet
ID: 3122091

13. Of course, they have more reason to fear you than you have to fear them.

ID: 3122101

14. You can kill them. You might even want to kill them. But what did they ever do to you?

Flickr: aus_pics / Creative Commons
ID: 3122106


Animal Planet
ID: 3122110

16. You can always evict them using a container and gently placing them outside.

ID: 3122114

17. Or you could just let them stay.

ID: 3122116

18. BFFLs!

ID: 3122121

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Jenna Guillaume is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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