27 Really Important Things You Should Never Ever Forget


1. When Mary MacKillop, actual saint, was named in Ralph magazine’s list of the hottest Aussie women.

ID: 3463668

2. When Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s slave, er, BFF.

ID: 3463672

3. When the Australian treasurer inadvertently revealed so much about who he is as a person.

ID: 3463906

4. This heartwarming(?) fact.

ID: 3463693

5. This revealing look into who really holds the power.

ID: 3463795

6. When Daniel Radcliffe walked 764 dogs at once.


— Harry Potter (@HtothePotter)
ID: 3463790

7. When Bruno Mars met Pauly Shore.

RT @terrencehardy: “@RachelSamara: Bruno Mars and Pauly Shore #neverforget ”

— Jacque Rae (@missjacquerae)
ID: 3464215

8. And Nancy Reagan met Mr. T.

Never forget. #neverforget

— pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee)
ID: 3464219

9. These famous last words.


— Tom Fehr (@TJFsports)
ID: 3463704

10. When Zarry was totally real.

#rememberwhenzayn ate that candy thong off of Harry #NeverForget

— ✨WWAT 9/13/14✨ (@Dannyuuxx)
ID: 3463797

11. And Niall wore this.

Never forget

— cassie (@melancholiclou)
ID: 3464103

12. Then Calum from 5SOS wore this.

#calumisnakedfollowparty Never forget this

— maria (@dimpledlourry)
ID: 3464143

13. When Justin serenaded Britney.

#tbt #NeverForget

— kathleen kamphausen (@heyguysheyphoto)
ID: 3463933

14. When this old man told the Australian PM what everyone was really thinking.

#AbbottsDDay he will never forget. Now internationally acclaimed. #auspol

— Repent Ye Whackos! (@geeksrulz)
ID: 3464233

15. This golden moment.

never forget

— Emily Fleischaker (@emofly)
ID: 3464138

16. And this one.

Oh yeah... never damn forget

— Mark Di Stefano (@MarkDiStef)
ID: 3464145

17. Everything that is Kane Lacey II.


— aboveground rapper (@69hornyteen)
ID: 3463882

18. This outstanding headline.

#NeverForget RT @KevnPattrsn: Cleaning out some old stuff and I found a copy of one of my favorite headlines

— FSView (@FSView)
ID: 3463932

19. When Lorde met Letterman.

never forget

— Lorde (@lordemusic)
ID: 3464112

20. When this fan was #blessed by Bey.


— Funny Pictures (@TopTwitPics)
ID: 3463936

21. This special moment.


— Troy Aitken (@troyaaitken)
ID: 3464030

22. This uncanny resemblance.

btw Ke$ha is probably awesome irl and she looks really good lately but never forget....

— @midnight (@midnight)
ID: 3464228

23. When Scott Disick traumatised Kris Jenner.


— Nicole Kardashian Ж (@trukardashfan)
ID: 3464024

24. When Kanye smiled.


— Ali Vingiano (@alivingiano)
ID: 3464237

25. This truth bomb.


— Views From The 6. (@OVOAllKinds)
ID: 3463939

26. When Miley looked like this.


— brad esposito (@braddybb)
ID: 3463885

27. And TurtleRock.


— Bitchness Monster (@WildAndRuthless)
ID: 3463934

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