9 Reasons Why Tony Abbott Thinks Trees Are For Chopping

Speaking at a Forestworks dinner last night, Australia’s Prime Minister revealed his thoughts on how the environment can serve humans.

1. A man’s job is to build and fix things around the home.

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2. Sure, forests are pretty, but what’s more important is they can be USED.

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3. The timber industry are the ultimate conservationists.

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4. God gave us forests so we could cut them down.

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5. Australia has an Environment Minister who understands the environment is there for the use of MAN.

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6. Australia has too many protected forests.

Note: the green dots are ALL the natural sites on the World Heritage List - not all are forests.

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7. People have already ruined big chunks of the forest so there’s no point in protecting it.

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8. The Abbott government is ruled by common sense.

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9. Abbott has created a Forest Industry Advisory Council, headed by the president of the Institute of Foresters of Australia, to ensure he gets invited to next year’s dinner.

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