Gun-Toting Man Tries To Rob Store, Shopkeeper Is Like “Nope”

He called his bluff. And he succeeded.

1. On Tuesday, March 4, at 2.20am, Bendigo’s 24-hour convenience store was robbed for the fourth time this year. Or, at least, it was attempted.

ID: 2581793

2. The wannabe robber casually strolled in wearing his balaclava. Subtle.

ID: 2581792

3. Nobody was around, so he casually examined the lolly selection. Really subtle.

ID: 2581803

4. The shopkeeper (who must have balls of steel) appeared, and Balaclava Guy casually pulled out his plastic bag. And gun.

ID: 2581811

5. But the Shopkeeper with Balls of Steel was basically all, “LOL, NOPE.”

ID: 2581815

6. This was obviously not in the plan. Balaclava Guy hesitated, but decided to try again.

ID: 2581818

7. But the Shopkeeper with Balls of Steel wasn’t having a bar of it.

ID: 2581821

8. Balaclava Guy realised it just wasn’t going to happen. He put away his gun…

ID: 2581828

9. And casually walked out.

ID: 2581833

10. And the Shopkeeper with Balls of Steel lived to fight another crime.

ID: 2581835

11. Watch the whole thing below - all the action happens in the first minute.

ID: 2581850

12. Anyone with information on this incident should contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

ID: 2581836

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Jenna Guillaume is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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