Jennifer Lawrence Photobombing Things Is Your New Favourite Meme

Forget Lawrencing - it’s all about the JLaw photobomb.

1. She photobombed Haymitch with a zombie.

ID: 2295742

2. And surprised Finnick on his horse.

ID: 2295733

3. She ran from a brunette Peeta.

ID: 2295726

4. But made friends with him again as a blonde.

ID: 2295759

5. She photobombed the Oompa Loompas.

ID: 2295755

6. And got a shock from Miley’s sledgehammer.

ID: 2295750

7. She teamed up with Captain Jack.

MUORO! #jenniferlawrence #jlawphotobomb #idol #GoldenGlobe

— this is who i am (@giulmarini)
ID: 2295778

8. Then traveled with The Beatles.

#jlawphotobomb apparently she can travel in time! #beatles

— Nick Greenwood (@njgreenwood)
ID: 2295781

9. Got stuck on the Titanic.

please leo please, don't leave her alone @MTVNews #jlawphotobomb

— sa (@cassia_hui)
ID: 2295784

10. And revealed what she was really after all along.

This is my fav. #jlawphotobomb #JLaw #wheresthepizza #jenniferlawrence

— Roseanne Brabazon (@Rosiecakes77)
ID: 2295791

11. Never change, JLaw.

ID: 2295798

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