27 Items Every Die Hard "Game Of Thrones" Fan Should Own

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you buy.

1. Winterfell Soy Candle

In case you want your house to smell like Winterfell (or, actually, probably a lot better than Winterfell). Buy here.

ID: 2736329

2. Game of Thrones Pencils

Stick ‘em with the pointy end. Buy here.

ID: 2736366

3. Mother of Dragons Peg People

The cute version of Drogo, Daenerys and Jorah. Buy here.

ID: 2736333

4. Khaleesi-Inspired Necklaces

For the subtle fan. Buy here.

ID: 2736363

5. Ygritte-Inspired Tank

Coz Jon Snow needs constant reminding of how little he knows. Buy here.

ID: 2736495

6. Embroidered Quote Wall Art

Deep. Buy here.

ID: 2736371

7. Westeros Map Cushion

To keep track of where your fave characters are/cuddle when they die. Buy here.

ID: 2736376

8. Nail Decals

YAAAASSS. That is all. Buy here.

ID: 2736378

9. Dothraki His and Hers Keyrings

For the Sun and Stars in your life. Buy here.

ID: 2736384

10. Tyrion Lannister Card

For the person who wants to get under his clothes. Or something. Buy here.

ID: 2736390

11. Sigil Party Banner

Get ready for your finale party now. Buy here.

ID: 2736391

12. Dragon Egg Necklace

Oh, THERE are your dragons. Buy here.

ID: 2736394

13. Sigils Carved Crayon Set

Very cool. But very expensive. Buy here.

ID: 2736397

14. Dragon Kit

Paint your own dragon! Buy here.

ID: 2736399

15. Dragon Egg Pattern

Knit your own dragon egg! Buy here.

ID: 2736400

16. Antler Necklace

Team Baratheon. Buy here.

ID: 2736448

17. Game of Thrones Card

It’s not hard, really. Buy here.

ID: 2736451

18. Winter is Coming Necklace

In case you need the reminder. Buy here.

ID: 2736453

19. Iron Porcelain Throne

OK you weirdo. Buy here.

ID: 2736468

20. Dragon Ear Wrap

Fit for the Mother of Dragons. Buy here.

ID: 2736471

21. Cross Stitch Pattern

Not your grandmother’s cross stitch. Buy here.

ID: 2736491

22. Game of Thrones Mobile

Coz Game of Thrones is TOTALLY baby-appropriate. Um… Buy here.

ID: 2736502

23. Greeting Cards Pack

Give me shirtless Jon Snow and I’ll love you forever. Buy here.

ID: 2736506

24. Sansa-Inspired Necklace

Perfect for a Little Dove. Buy here.

ID: 2736509

25. Adventure Time Meets Game of Thrones Tank

Mathematical. Buy here.

ID: 2736510

26. Direwolves Tank

The real stars of the series. Buy here.

ID: 2736513

27. Hodor

Hodor. Hodor.

ID: 2736520

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Jenna Guillaume is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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