Danny Clayton Broke His Back And Is Live-Tweeting His Hospital Experience

The Channel V presenter injured his spine at a trampoline world. :(

1. Lovable VJ Danny Clayton is currently in hospital in Sydney after breaking his spine.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

2. Clayton revealed the news on Twitter on Wednesday night.

3. On Facebook, he said the injury had happened at a trampoline world.

4. He posted this video to Instagram, confirming that his toes do wiggle just fine.

“I never thought I would be so grateful to have the ability to do this.”

5. Today, he began live-tweeting his stay in hospital, apparently through a haze of morphine.

What a brilliant mix of indescribable pain combined with the spinning of the room. Woweee. What a great combo.

— Danny Clayton (@DannyjClayton)

Ever get that feeling that you hands keep getting bigger and your phone keeps getting smaller and that Han shot first? #blessed

— Danny Clayton (@DannyjClayton)

Think of something funny, laugh, move back: yell in pain, nearly cry. Laugh at sound of crying, more pain, cry louder, laugh louder. #repeat

— Danny Clayton (@DannyjClayton)

@GrilldBurgers my sister brought you for dinner last night. Sadly it was survival of the fittest and I ate you. I'm grateful 4 ur sacrifice.

— Danny Clayton (@DannyjClayton)

Your msgs mean a lot to me. I've had Many painkillers and can't read ATM. Typing this probably took 20 mins. Will respond when brain permits

— Danny Clayton (@DannyjClayton)

11. Sadly, it seems the powers that be put a stop to the whole thing pretty quickly. But not before Clayton vowed revenge…

My manager just contacted me to tell me to stop writing things. So I will stop now. But before I go I want you to know this....

— Danny Clayton (@DannyjClayton)


— Danny Clayton (@DannyjClayton)

13. Get well soon!

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Jenna Guillaume is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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