29 Private Islands That Cost Less Than An NYU Degree

That’s a lot of islands.

NYU is currently the priciest college in the United States, totaling $179,380 for four years of tuition and mandatory fees, not including books, food, or housing.

Here are some island alternatives.

1. COST: $39,999


Name: Chandler Island
Location: Wohoa Bay, Maine
Size: 1 acre
Includes: A kick-ass gazebo

2. COST: $57,597


Name: Porcupine Lake Island
Location: Nova Scotia
Size: 3.88 acres

3. COST: $62,396

Name: Morans Island
Location: New Brunswick
Size: 4 acres

4. COST: $62,396

Name: Whispering Trees Island
Location: Nova Scotia
Size: 3.66 acres

5. COST: $73,753

Name: Location: Size: Features:


Name: David Island
Location: Nova Scotia
Size: 5 acres

6. COST: $76,796


Name: Johns Lake Island
Location: Nova Scotia
Size: 23.1 acres

7. COST: $79,500

Name: Ilha Caetano
Location: Brazil
Size: 16 acres
Includes: A small house

8. COST: $86,395

Name: Tarpaulin Island
Location: Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Size: 5 acres

9. COST: $94,075

Name: Little Ricky Island
Location: Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Size: 7.7 acres

10. COST: $95,025


Name: Hog Island
Location: New Brunswick
Size: 4 acres

11. COST: $105,594


Name: Goose Island
Location: Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Size: 14.75 acres

12. COST: $114,895

Name: Kotteroy Island
Location: Norway
Size: 12.35 acres

13. COST: $125,000

Name: Naomi Island
Location: New York, 90 miles north of New York City
Size: 5 acres

14. COST: $145,000

Name: Isla Esmerelda
Location: Tamaulipas, Mexico
Size: 3.70 acres

15. COST: $169,727

Name: American Island
Location: British Columbia
Size: 8 acres

16. COST: $172,790

Name: Orkney Island
Location: Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Size: 16.5 acres

17. COST: $174,576

Name: Leader Island
Location: Jeddore Harbour, Nova Scotia
Size: 11 acres

18. COST: $175,000

Name: Fisherman’s Point Island
Location: Goosebay, Michigan
Size: 2 acres
Includes: 1-story cottage

Now, if we add books and two years of housing, our island budget rises to $222,944.

19. COST: $199,000

Name: Birch Island
Location: Waldo County, Maine
Size: 6 acres

20. COST: $199,000

Name: Kastawei Island
Location: Vanuatu, South Pacific
Size: .81 acres

21. COST: $215,988


Name: Little Brother Island
Location: Queens County, Nova Scotia
Size: 36.96 acres
Includes: A log cabin

22. COST: $218,220

Name: Dokis Marina Island
Location: Ontario
Size: .5 acres
Includes: A 2-story house

Finally, with books and four years of housing, our island budget reaches $256,188.

23. COST: $225,000

Name: Lark Caye
Location: Placencia, Belize
Size: 2.2 acres

24. COST: $230,000

Name: Maru Island
Location: Ise Mie Prefecture, Japan
Size: 1,022 square miles

25. COST: $241,497

Name: Boyce Island
Location: Ontario
Size: 1.5 acres
Includes: A cottage and a guest house

26. COST: $247,629


Name: Isla Alhambra
Location: Bahia, Brazil
Size: 9 acres
Includes: A treehouse

27. COST: $250,000


Name: Underwood Island
Location: Connecticut
Size: 2 acres
Includes: A 1 story house

28. COST: $250,000

Name: Pine Island
Location: Alexander township, Maine
Size: 12 acres
Includes: A 1-story house

29. COST: $250,000

Name: Bird Island
Location: Lake Griffin, Florida
Size: 50 acres
Includes: A 2-bedroom house

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