The 11 Sassiest Babies You Will Ever Meet

Baby, you betta DON’T.

1. Das right, girl. You wish you could get all up on these Cheerios.

ID: 1707191

2. What is this? Peasant Food?

ID: 1707225

3. Girl, your mother must have done a number on you.

ID: 1707257

4. Srsly, STAHP.

ID: 1707632

5. Who dis basic bitch be?

No srsly, don’t touch me. I’m famous.

ID: 1707315

6. And then I smacked that all on the floor and gave her some more.

ID: 1707321

7. John, this wine reeks of the middle class.

You told me we were going to OLIVE GARDEN.

ID: 1707302

8. Das just my swagger, na mean?

ID: 1707446

9. Bitch, I’m fabulous.

ID: 1707816

10. Imma boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch.

ID: 1707662

11. And obviously…

ID: 1707497

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