11 Reasons Breakfast Is The Best Meal Of The Day

Let’s be serious here. There’s just no competition.

1. It’s completely acceptable to be a grump.

It pisses me off how deliciously scrumptious this is. Fuck you, cereal. Fuck you.

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2. You can do it big…

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3. …but it’s still damn delicious when you keep it simple.

Milk and cereal, cereal and milk!

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4. PANCAKES, you guys.

ID: 1791267

No, but seriously. PANCAKES.

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5. Breakfast is so awesome there’s even clubs dedicated to this wondrous feast.

…or did I misunderstand the movie plot?

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6. You can make it as silly as you want, because it’s not supposed to be brunch.

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Brunch is for bougie bitches. Or your mom. She loves that shit.

Lunch foods mixed with my breakfast foods? BAH.

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7. If you mess up, you can blame it on having just woken up.

I can’t function before 11 AM.

ID: 1791412

8. You can wear what you want and no one will dare judge you.

Not until you’ve had your morning cup o’ joe, anyway.

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9. An entire meal consisting of fruit? WHY NOT.

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10. Sometimes, it’s straight up dessert.

But hey, no one’s going to call you out on it.

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11. And the magical ability to turn your entire day around? Priceless.

Nom until you’re consumed with happiness.

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