24 Reasons Why Eric Cartman Is The Greatest Cartoon Character Ever Created

Cartman is known for his vulgarity, crazy antics and masterful plots. He’s offensive, racist, misogynistic, inconsiderate, bigoted, prejudiced, and anti-Semitic — and that’s why we love him.

1. He loves his mother.

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2. He’s confident in his sexuality.

Comedy Central / Via southparkismyvirtue.tumblr.com
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3. He would jump in front of a bus for his friends and family.

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4. He knows how to rock all natural.

Comedy Central / Via tocadacotia.com
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5. He keeps it real.

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6. He’s an overachiever.

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7. He loves Jesus.

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8. He knows his priorities.

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9. He knows how to lay down the law.

Comedy Central / Via southpark-gifs.tumblr.com
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10. He doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Comedy Central / Via youtube.com
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11. He does what he wants.

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12. He knows that the children are the future.

Comedy Central / Via uscfratlife.tumblr.com
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13. He’ll fight for the disabled.

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14. He stands up against bullies.

Comedy Central
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15. He knows how to kick back and relax.

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16. He’s a crusader in the fight against anti-obesity.

Comedy Central / Via uproxx.com
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17. He’s a lover, not a fighter.

Comedy Central / Via southparkdigital.tumblr.com
ID: 2696786

18. He respects his mother.

Comedy Central / Via ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com
ID: 2696787

19. He’s empathetic to the tragedies of others.

Comedy Central / Via peteneems.tumblr.com
ID: 2696788

20. He doesn’t lie to himself.

Comedy Central / Via spjohnv.tumblr.com
ID: 2696794

21. He speaks his mind for the masses.

Comedy Central / Via giphy.com
ID: 2696795

22. He respects women.

Comedy Central / Via giphy.com
ID: 2696799

23. He takes the time to reflect upon himself.

Comedy Central / Via u992p533.ilyke.net
ID: 2696822

24. If all else fails, he always has a Plan B.

Comedy Central / Via fanpop.com
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