15 Things You Shouldn’t Be For Halloween

Don’t put the “ugh” in Trick-Or-Treat.

15. A cheerleader.

14. A construction worker.

12. Jane Fonda.

11. Jane Fonda with rabies.

9. Whatever sort of athlete hangs out in locker rooms like this.

8. Nicolas Cage.

7. Mary Catherine Gallagher.

Nothing personal, Molly Shannon.

6. A stripper leaving Chuck-E-Cheese.

In a hurry, no less.

5. A bad ventriloquist.

4. A Cali girl.

With her army of teddy bears, standard.

3. A scorpio.

That zodiac necklace is ruined forever.

1. Black Swan.

Enough, already. It’s 2013, and this is a culture that moves on.

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