These Stunning Photos Of The Milky Way Will Give You Chills

Australian photographer Mike Salway brings the Outback to life.

Mike Salway is an amateur Australian photographer who also loves astronomy.

Mike Salway

ID: 2906228

His work seamlessly combines landscapes and nightscapes, perfectly capturing the beauty of the Australian Outback.

Mike Salway

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He creates vivid images using long exposure, like this photo of the Bungle Bungles.

Mike Salway

ID: 2906251

His work brings together the wonders of the night sky with a striking foreground.

Mike Salway

ID: 2906270

Mike said: “I want to inspire and motivate people with my photography. I want to evoke emotion and to hear people say ‘Wow!’ when they look at my work”.

Mike Salway

ID: 2906255

This photo, taken on the NSW Central Coast, shows the the moon as well as Jupiter and Venus.

Mike Salway

ID: 2906287

Here, a shooting star can be seen over Cape Leveque.

Mike Salway

ID: 2906708

“It’s better than just a picture of the sky alone, because it gives it a time and place - it puts the night sky in contex and helps to show people what’s out there”, Mike told Buzzfeed.

Mike Salway

ID: 2906296

“Unfortunately our night sky is getting harder and harder to see because of light pollution, and people just don’t head outside and look up any more.”

Mike Salway

ID: 2906702

“By heading out to dark skies and capturing these scenes, I can show people what they’re missing out on and hopefully inspire others to think about it more or to try it themselves.”

Mike Salway

ID: 2906755

Doesn’t it just make you want to go camping in the Outback?

Mike Salway

ID: 2906276

Mike Salway

ID: 2906771

See more of Mike’s work here.

ID: 2906775

All photos used with the photographer’s permission.

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Jemima Skelley is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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